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Door won't lock


A fuller description of the causes behind this problem will appear soon but always check if the door locks when 'open'. If it does then the issue is almost certainly an alignment issue between the door and frame and is our most common service call.


Door stiff to lock or difficult to lock


A fuller description of the causes behind this problem will appear here soon but, similar to a door not locking above, please check to see how it feels when the door is open. Again, if it locks ok when open then, typically, this indicates an alignment issue.


Door won't open but appears to unlock


If your key turns and it seems to unlock but the handle doesn't move this is usually a mechanism fault within the door however, it could be alignment again, especially if you've noticed it getting worse recently. More information will be added here in the next few months...


Door won't shut properly


Quite often a door catches as it closes, this is generally caused by the door not sitting in true and square in the frame, and depending on your hinge types, might be curable by adjustment. However, it can be caused by wear & tear on the mechanism, equating to the hooks and/or bolts not fully retracting.


Can see daylight around door edge


This is usually caused by wear and tear on the hinges, making the door 'sag' from the top. However, it might be caused by a twist in the door itself and occasionally this can be solved by a technique we do called 'heel & toe' which corrects the twist. Worst case problems are resolved by fitting new adjustable hinges.


Can't take key out of door when unlocked or locked


One of the most common service calls...you can lock the door but can't take your key out, or unlock the door and can't take the key out. This is caused by a fault occuring in the lock barrel/cylinder and is typically caused by having a key on the inside when someone inserts a key in the outside.


Broken hinge or handle

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